What is a soundworld?

Sep 7, 2022

A soundworld is an AI musical instrument. It is a standalone music generator attuned to your style, matching your feel note for note. Trained on your assets, it will write infinite music in your style and you own all the output. blaaaa

Music automation

No human in history took up music just to manually input drum parts note by note. Or harmonise melodies to go with a bass line. Ok, maybe someone did, but chances are they're not looking at a generative music tool.

The purpose of a soundworld is to contain the knowledge and style of a musician and have it automatically write you whole sections of music in that style.

Imagine starting a new project and within three clicks, you got the time-consuming setup out of the way. Those three hours you've saved are yours again. Keep mastering the track, go out for a cold brew or get started on a second track, you're in control of your time.

Output control

Once trained, a soundworld can go into the Delphos generative music engine and start producing music. You direct it as you would with a band member. "Give me a bass line in C major, 120bpm", you might say. Even if you never trained your soundworld on anything like that, it will give you a bass line in your style in C major, at 120bpm.

In terms of output, it can be audio (mp3, wav), MIDI and even sheet music.

Ownership and privacy

This is where it gets extremely interesting. As long as you train your soundworld with music you own, that output is entirely yours. It's just like making a preset for a synth, just on the compositional level. Whatever comes out of it, good or bad, belongs to you.

We called it soundworld because it's a domain for your music. Every eventuality for your creativity lives in there. It's yours.

You can keep it private and only produce music for yourself. You can integrate it with a Delphos partner and let others collaborate with it. Most importantly - each soundworld is independent of all others. So you can create as much or as little generative music as you like.

And when you're done - just burn the soundworld.

Although hopefully you never want to.