What if John Williams could write you a theme tune?

Jan 12, 2022

And I don't mean having an AI trained on a bunch of Star Wars music. 

I mean the actual guy.

Think about it - a moving melody, rising strings, an orchestration to die for. And obviously a harmonic texture lifted straight from Holst… (haha)

Immediately, you would have a brand. People would recognise your theme whenever they hear it. You could place a variation in any media for seamless product placement.

And people would respect it. I mean - who on earth has a brand theme written by John Williams?!

Real people, real composition

That brand, that recognition comes from authenticity. We know a piece of music by John Williams or Drake or Art Tatum the second we hear it.

The piece came from his mind and only his mind, with his hard earned musical talent bringing the ideas to life.

This is ultimately the value of the composition. It has an individual story, an origin and a destination.

And it is ownable intellectual property.

Authenticity is authority

A piece of music that is authentic is never questioned.

You can like it, you can dislike it. But you won’t question it - it is what is supposed to be. 

And in this increasingly scary generative world, nothing will ever beat or replace an authentic composition. 

How Delphos fits into this

Unfortunately, if the Star Wars franchise can’t persuade John Williams to keep writing music, there’s little chance he’ll score your tutorial video.

This is why Delphos soundworlds exist. 

A soundworld is a private music AI trained on a single composer’s work.

It powers a composer to compose and make music on a scale like never before. A composer loads their unique soundworld with their own work and it automatically composes new music in their style, using only their influence to draw upon.

The output is their work - it’s the same composition, just powered by AI.