Happy Christmas from Delphos!

Dec 21, 2023

A year in review

As the final days of 2023 unfold, we at Delphos are looking back at one of the most significant times in the development of both our company and the future of music making.

This was the year most of the music world accepted that AI and automation was going to happen. Seeing the effect that ChatGPT had in real time got musicians, labels and catalogues thinking about how automation would change their workflow and revenues.

And while ethical dangers remain, the mood in the industry is more and more upbeat about the future.

A huge thank you!

Before we launch into our 2023 overview, a huge, huge thank you goes out to all of our clients, partners and investors! Through your guidance and feedback, we're so much closer to our vision.

From all of us at Delphos, we wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Delphos is setting a new paradigm

We have been building our music generation model intensely for the past two years. The team built it entirely from scratch and presents a wildly new solution for musicians. A miniaturised private model (a soundworld) that is capable of learning from a small dataset and writes authentic, commercial quality music almost immediately.

We have taken the product into the market and the response was phenomenal. We will let the results speak for themselves next year, but here is our key takeaway: our product aligns entirely with the needs of the professional music industry.

It's an automation tool that is proven to solve key pain points in music production. It is a solution where the music creator is in the driving seat the entire way through. The music creator owns all the data going in and coming out of the generator.

Empowered, never replaced.

So what's next for music?

We've made the tech, now it's time to start making music! We have a whopping 13 projects currently in development with clients and our joint goal is to produce the highest quality music.

In the next few months, you can expect to be creating commercial level tracks yourself across every major genre. With this focus on quality, we will continue to see soundworld technology be adopted in music production, content creation and publishing.

Our plan is to eradicate the phrase "that sounds good for a generative track".

Music needs to be great and authentic however it's created.

Join us in 2024!

This year we've validated that at the top, people collaborate rather than compete. Our clients are using each other's soundworlds to compliment their products and this is where creativity powered by AI is really starting to show. The quality of the music is improving month on month.

And the music creators are the ones who are winning.

The Delphos network is ready to start working with record labels, catalogues, music producers, content creators, creative tech providers. In partnership together, we will build a future where everyone can create and experience music. Without compromising on copyright or quality.