Delphos and Degen Dance Club to build a 50k library

Dec 15, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Degen Dance Club (DDC) to produce a beat library of 50,000 tracks. This is a powerful first step behind DDC’s bold plans in the world of music making.

The ability to create commercial quality music at such a wide scale is something that is completely unprecedented in today’s music industry. A bigger library can service a wider audience and make sure that there’s something for everyone.

At the same time, each piece of music has to be unique and work as a composition in its own right. This has been the thesis behind DDC’s collection of soundworlds, with each generation producing a track that has never been written before, yet inextricably linked to Michael Antoniou’s composition style.

"A lifetime's work produced in under 24 hours. As a music producer I am always looking for new ways to optimise my workflow and get more music to market... Never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would be possible. Delphos' CMAI changes everything", says DDC CEO Michael Antoniou.

Production is powered by the Delphos compositional music AI (CMAI) generator, operating DDC’s portfolio of soundworlds. All of these soundworlds are currently available for use on the Delphos platform.

Join us on the Delphos generator today!